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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I purchase tickets?

A. Tickets are purchased online via our TICKETS page on this website using a debit or credit card. If you are having trouble purchasing tickets online, please call us on 0448 564 262. Phone is not always manned, if you require an urgent response please message us on Facebook.  If you are a large group (over 20) we can invoice you if you prefer. If you would like this option, please PM us on Facebook, email us on or phone us to arrange an invoice. If you have a Gift Voucher please PM us on Facebook or call us to book.

Q. Can I reserve a ticket?

A. No, unfortunately we do not reserve tickets. All tickets must be purchased to ensure your booking.

Q. If I'm in a group but we are buying our tickets separately, will we be seated together?

A.  When buying your ticket online there is a question that asks if you are part of a group. Just put a person or group name in there and you will be seated with everyone who noted the same name. PLEASE NOTE: Haunts tables are fixed in place to optimize everyone's view of the show. Depending on the amount and size of groups that have booked you may not all be seated at the same table, and may be spread over 2 or 3 tables next to each other. Our biggest table seats 18 people.


Q. What happens if I'm part of a group but some people purchased VIP tickets and some purchased general entry?

A. If you are part of a group that want to be seated together but some of the group members buy VIP tickets and some buy General entry tickets, please be aware that you ALL may possibly be seated at a non VIP table. Those with VIP tickets will, of course, still receive all the other VIP perks. 

Q. How many tickets are available on the date I want?

A. You can check! You will be able to see up to 20 yourself by clicking on the date you want and adding tickets. The system will allow you to add up to 20 but it will only allow you to add the number of tickets that are available for that date. For example... If you are trying to purchase 12 and it will only allow you to put in 7, then there are only 7 tickets left to that show. If buying individually as part of a group, we would recommend checking to make sure there are enough tickets available before starting to purchase. For over 20 please contact us first to make sure there are enough tickets available.

Q. Do you cater to dietary requirements?

A. Yes we do. When buying your ticket there is a question that asks for dietary requirements. Simply put your request in there. 


Q. How many tickets can I buy at once?

A. You can purchase up to 20 tickets in 1 transaction. If you are purchasing more than 20 tickets please contact us first so we can confirm there are enough tickets available for you to purchase. The event will only allow you to purchase the amount of tickets that are available for that show. For example... If you are trying to purchase 10 and it will only allow you to put in 7, then there are only 7 tickets left to that show.

Q. What time does it start?

A. VIP ticket holders can enter from 6.00pm and General entry ticket holders from 6.30pm. Buffet starts at 6.45pm. The show starts at 8pm. Dessert is served at intermission. The show finishes at approximately 10.15pm.

Q. How many people can your biggest table seat?

A. Our biggest table can seat 18 people. However if you are in a large group we can sit up to 50 in the same section, very close to each other. 

Q. What is your seating like?

A. Our seating is standard tables and chairs. 

Q. Are Tickets refundable?

A. No, all sales are final. However you can transfer your ticket to another person. It also may be possible to transfer to another date if enough notice is given (at the latest, the Wednesday before your show booking and at Haunt's discretion). Fair go applies, for example, we could not transfer 20 people the same week as their booking as we would have no hope of selling those tickets on.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located at 39 Victoria St, Mackay, QLD, 4740, (the old Buffalo Club). Entry to our Dinner Theatre is via our side entrance on Carlyle St.

Q. Are children allowed?

A. No, not for our dinner theatres. Our shows are MA 15+ however the venue is fully licensed and no one under 18 is allowed to enter. 

Q. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes but please let us know when booking.

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