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Welcome to Fezzyrays: The Epicenter of Entertainment & Comedy in Mackay!

Fezzyrays stands proud as Mackay’s only permanent theatre, a beacon of laughter, performance, and exceptional dining. As a premier destination for entertainment Mackay, we offer a distinctive blend of comedy, cabaret, and culinary delights, ensuring every visit is memorable. Whether you’re here for our pirates dinner and show or a dazzling cabaret performance, your evenings on Friday and Saturday are about to become extraordinary.


Fezzyrays: Where Entertainment Comes Alive!


Pirates & Platters Show: Embark on a thrilling adventure with Fezzyrays’ Pirates & Platters Show. This immersive experience combines a feast worthy of a pirate with an exhilarating performance that captures the spirit of the high seas. It’s an unforgettable blend of entertainment and dining, perfect for families, friends, and seafarers at heart.


Cabaret Nights: Lose yourself in the magical world of cabaret at Fezzyrays, where each performance is a unique spectacle of music, dance, and drama. Our cabaret nights are a celebration of artistic expression, offering a mesmerizing experience that defines entertainment Mackay.


Platters and Cocktails: Elevate your Fezzyrays experience with our selection of gourmet platters and cocktails. Designed to complement our shows, our culinary offerings are as much a part of the performance, featuring a variety of flavors that will delight your palate.


Corporate Events: Fezzyrays is not just about leisure; we’re also a premier venue for corporate events in Mackay. Offering a blend of entertainment, dining, and a unique atmosphere, we provide the perfect backdrop for company gatherings, celebrations, and team-building events.


Your Weekend Destination for Fun, Food, and Festivity


At Fezzyrays, we’re dedicated to making your weekends unforgettable with a lineup of comedy, cabaret, and special shows like our Pirates and Platters Show. As the cornerstone of entertainment Mackay, we invite you to dive into a world of laughter, joy, and exceptional dining. From platters and cocktails to mesmerizing performances, we offer a night of entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.


Join us at Fezzyrays for an unparalleled experience in Mackay. Book your tickets now and step into a realm where entertainment, culinary delights, and magical nights await.

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